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Helpful Organizations

Here is a growing list of organizations that exist to help those who identify with the community of disabilities, rare disease, chronic illness, and complex medical conditions.

Home Health Lists

Variety of medical documents that serve as useful templates for all in-home caregivers. Daily logs, therapy schedules, hourly routines, illness protocols, and more. Customize these documents to best meet the daily home health needs of the patient.

Home Health Nurse Orientation

This document provides a brief summary of the patient’s diagnosis, history, meds, daily life, expectations, and house rules. This is a concise document meant to be provided to a new nurse for their full review before they begin working with the patient.

Insurance Timeline

Timeline of events, communication, and updates for any items pending approval from insurance. This helps you keep track of the entire process, especially important for issues that may arise when requesting items that insurance typically denies.

Nursing Notes

Helpful information that should be documented in all nursing notes to prevent the patient from being denied needed supplies, equipment, therapy, and home/vehicle modifications.

Patient Information

Concise document containing patient information to be handed to EMTs, Nurses, or Doctors who are triaging care. Helpful to have with each appointment visit. Update with changes in meds, status, and growth.


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