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Take Care of Yourself

A Public Service Announcement

Hosted by Erica Stearns

Hi there, it's Erica with the Atypical Truth podcast. I am interrupting our regularly scheduled program this week to bring to you a public service announcement of sorts.

I don’t know about y’all, but I am tired.

Here is a bit of self-disclosure that I have hesitated being open about…

Just after the exciting launch of season 2, our kids became sick and they have struggled to recover ever since. Despite having so much of this season already recorded and ready to go for me to edit and produce, it has been a struggle to balance everything while also taking care of myself. And taking care of myself is honestly something I have not been doing a very good job of. I believe my body, my heart, and my mind have reached a non-negotiable breaking point.

And with that said, I have decided to take a short pause from releasing episodes.

Perhaps what I am about to say is really just meant for me, something that I can refer back to and replay when I need the reminder, but maybe there is also someone else out there who needs this reminder too.

So here are my words of advice to everyone, but especially myself.

Take care of yourself.

Don’t be afraid to put yourself and your family first.

Everything that is worthwhile will be there when you return.

You don’t get these moments back somewhere down the road.

These moments are happening now.

Listen to your body when it says - enough is enough.

Don’t be afraid to rest. Take the break. Sleep in longer than usual. Drink plenty of water. Dance. Listen to music that makes you feel nostalgic. Or binge that show that everyone is talking about. You do you, period.

Ok, my public service rant is over and I hope that helps beyond just myself.

We have some very special episodes lined up for you, so please be patient as I try to rest and recover. Meanwhile, no matter how you manifest love into the world - I ask that you make a point to send love and spread kindness to one another right now. I think the world, in general, just needs like one giant warm hug. Be that hug.

Goodness, I sound really cheesy. Sorry, I am just feeling it right now.

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