Infinite Love for Our Children and Endless Support to Us

Hosted by Erica Jolene and Kristyn Newbern with special guest Donna Cartwright


Join Kristyn and her mother, Donna, as they discuss the grandparent's perspective on life with a grandchild who has a rare genetic condition.

This episode serves as an essential reminder to take time to have hard conversations with your loved ones. Take time to talk about your feelings and share your valuable perspective. And most importantly, take time to listen to the stories of others. Even if you think it is one that you already know by heart, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised.



If you have enjoyed this season and would like to share some words of gratitude and a story about the impact it has had on you, I encourage you to send us a recording. HERE you will find a link that will allow you to record a short message. I would like to share these messages in the approaching season finale, so I ask that you please record your message before July 1st.

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