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الحقيقة اللانمطيةكانت مستوحاة من الرغبة في توفير مساحة آمنة للمعاقين والمجتمع المعقد طبيًا لاستكشاف مجموعة واسعة من الموضوعات الحساسة ولتوفير الموارد المتعلقة بتقديم الرعاية. تتنقل الحقيقة غير النمطية في مجموعة من الموضوعات المتعلقة بالحياة as مقدمو الرعاية والأفراد المعوقون و / أو الأفراد المصابون بحالة طبية معقدة.الحقيقة اللانمطيةسوف تستكشف كذلك كيفية هذه المواضيعتتقاطع مع مجموعة متنوعة من عوامل الهوية مثل العرق والجنس والعمر والحجم والطبقة والثقافة والموقع والجنس واللغة.

الاستفادة من التجربة الشخصية لكوني طفلاً معاقًا ، وأبًا لطفلين يعانيان من حالات طبية معقدة تقيد الحياة ، إلى جانب خبرتي في العمل كمحترف طبي ؛ تم تصور فكرة الحقيقة اللانمطية لمعالجة واقع الحياة كمقدم رعاية. من خلال القصص والتجارب التي شاركناها أنا والضيوف ، آمل أن تكون الحقيقة غير النمطية بمثابة مصدر مفيد للعائلات مثل عائلتنا ، مع الهدف النهائي المتمثل في مساعدة أولئك داخل مجتمعنا على الشعور بالتواصل والفهم.

Atypical Truth was inspired by the desire to cultivate a safe space for those within the disabled and medically complex community to explore a wide variety of sensitive subject matter and to provide resources related to caregiving. Through the collaborative work of supportive storytelling, the Atypical Truth podcast navigates an array of topics that pertain to life as caregivers, disabled individuals, and individuals with complex medical conditions. With each new episode and season, we continue to explore how these topics intersect with a variety of identity factors such as race, gender, age, size, class, culture, location, sexuality, and language.

Drawing from the experiences of growing up with disabilities and now as a parent of two children with life-limiting complex medical conditions, along with medical professional experience, the idea of Atypical Truth was conceived to address the realities of life as a disabled person and caregiver. Through the stories and conversations shared by our guests, Atypical Truth serves as a beneficial resource to all, helping those within the disability community to feel connected and understood.

Erica Stearns is pictured editing the podcast, Atypical Truth. She is looking down at a lovely interuption from her niece who is holding up a hand-drawn card that reads, "Love Erica," with a drawing of Erica.

Atypical Truth is an accessible space where all people explore vulnerable subject matter, free of judgment. Together, our community celebrates the smallest victories, revel in new discoveries, discuss shared obstacles, and learn helpful coping strategies from the challenges that others have navigated. Atypical Truth is a virtual story-sharing platform for the disabled and medically complex community to refer to when in need of finding their people, using their voice, and hearing stories that mirror their own. 

For listeners who can relate to content that is shared on Atypical Truth, we hope for this podcast to serve as a platform to bridge the physical gap between our rare but shared lives.

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